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Sentry was founded in 1977 and is a family owned and managed second generation company. We are proud to be responsible for many of New York's famous properties, water treatment programs. Sentry pioneered innovative applications in the Tri State area including:
1. Fully automated true microprocessor based applications.
2. First in side stream media and bag filtration.
3. First in stabilized bromine in cooling towers.

Avaliable for "Event" situations 24/7 with 90 minute response team.

Because of the nature of our family managed company, the average service technician has 15 years experience not including our founder Ken Arbuckle, who has 40 years of water treatment experience.
Sentry Inhibitors
Ken Arbuckle
Sentry Controllers
Jim Folkertsma
Technical Service Manager
Sentry Controllers
Matt Copeland
Senior Service Technician
Sentry Controllers
Pete Arbuckle
Senior Service Technician
Sentry Controllers
Pam Hope
Lab Technician